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Counseling Services

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Talking with a Professional Helps

  • College life can be exciting, challenging…and very stressful. College students are faced with many changes in their lives, which can be difficult.
  • Students are faced with academic challenges, making new friends, choosing a career, and confronting value differences.
  • Adult learners have their own unique set of challenges such as financial difficulties and balancing their studies with being a parent.
  • It is not unusual for all students-traditional and adult learners alike-to experience emotional struggles related to family, self, and others.
  • Students don't need to meet these challenges alone. Counselors can help bridge the gap and offer support as the student is facing these challenges.

Mission Statement

To provide quality short-term counseling, crisis intervention, and referral services to students in a professional, timely, compassionate, and Franciscan manner.

Personal/Crisis Counselor

The campus counselor is a senior level administrator with a master's degree in counseling and 38 years experience working with college students.

  • Lesley Stugelmayer, M.S.
    Director of Counseling
    Short-term Personal and Crisis Counseling, Referral Services
    Student Development Center #4

Other Resources

  • Tina Johns
    Director, Student Academic Success
    Murphy Center 335
  • Jane Eddy
    Director/ADA Coordinator, Academic Resource Center
    Murphy Center 332
  • Melissa Growt, M.S. ED.
    Academic Counseling
    Murphy Center 312
  • Beth Dolder-Zieke
    Director, Career Services
    Murphy Center 374
  • Father Conrad Targonski, OFM
    Chaplain, Campus Ministry
    Murphy Center 340
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