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Personal Computer Specifications for Off-campus Students

(Adapted for graduate nursing students March 2014)

If you are planning to acquire a computer to use for your classes, we recommend the following minimum specifications:

  • 2.3 GHz processor or faster
  • At least 2 GB RAM (most new PCs come with 4GB or more)
  • Windows 7 or Mac OSX
  • 10/100 Ethernet and/or wireless access
  • Microsoft Office 2007 (2010 or 2013 Professional preferred)

If you already have a computer:
You may wish to consult the help desk at Viterbo (796-3870), or your local computer professional, to clarify if your existing home computer is adequate for your needs, based on the minimum specifications above.

Please Keep in mind that these are "minimum" specifications; more powerful computers  will provide an even higher level of performance. Contact your local computer professional if you need assistance in putting together a system that meets these specifications.

You will also need a 2 GB or larger flash drive and high speed Internet access.

PowerPoint and Word are required for work in classes. As a Viterbo student, you can order the Microsoft Office 365  software at a much reduced rate, by accessing: Office 365 gives you a 4-year subscription to the newest version of Microsoft Office (currently 2013 for PC and 2011 for Mac).

You must register using your Viterbo email account as proof of your enrollment at the university.  It is also the email address to which verification information will be sent that you need to complete the purchase transaction.

Lastly, the university does not perform maintenance or troubleshoot problems with student-owned computers. Be sure you have your original system installation disk(s) and any warranty/repair agreement information in case your computer should need service.

Additional information, resources, and virus scans available at the helpdesk website :

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