Religious Studies

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The religious studies program is broad enough to welcome all Catholic and Protestant students into studies through scriptural reflection, in Christian morality, application of practical sacramental and Franciscan theology, understanding of historical Christian development, and exegetical integration into theological reflection.

The Viterbo University religious studies program:

  • promotes the Franciscan values of compassion, hospitality, integrity, stewardship, justice and peace, ecumenism, contemplation, humility, and joy.
  • develops theological scholarship, articulating the law/gospel balance of the church's message, accentuating the Catholic understanding of Christology, ecclesiology, sacraments, and Christianity's relationship with world religions.
  • endeavors to inspire students through the challenge of religious truths in a post-modern world while defending the Christian faith from assaults on the gospel and church tradition by secularism and relativism.
  • embraces the Christian testimonies of St. Francis of Assisi, St. Clare of Assisi, and St. Rose of Viterbo as living witnesses of grace, mercy, justice, truth, compassion, and service.
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