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Lamplighter Scholarship Guidelines

Purpose of the Scholarship Fund

The scholarship fund is designed to recognize professional development through advanced educational pursuits. This fund provides monies for the awarding of educational scholarships in graduate nursing education. As the scholarship fund monies accrue additional scholarships may be awarded to undergraduate students or persons engaged in research activities to advance knowledge in the area of nursing science or practice.

Fund Sources

  1. Private donations to the scholarship fund
  2. General chapter funds as approved in the budget

Processing Fund Monies

  1. The Finance Committee of the chapter recommends funds in the general chapter funds or designated scholarship funds available for awarding scholarships. The budget is approved by the chapter and administered by the Executive Board. The Treasurer expends monies from the scholarship fund to the recipient.
  2. The Executive Board of the chapter announces the scholarship program. The Board reviews and approves the recommendations of the Scholarship Committee and may allocate additional funds for scholarships or multiple scholarships based on availability of funds.
  3. The Scholarship Committee reviews applications; recommends the awards of scholarships according to the policies of the chapter as they correspond to the bylaws of Sigma Theta Tau International; and monitors fund usage by recipients. A five-year record should be kept by the chapter on all recipients of monetary awards. Information on recipients should include name and address, amount of award, and how the person was selected and criteria used.

Criteria for Awarding Scholarships

  1. Applicant criteria
    1. Completed at least 1/3 of credits in graduate program
    2. GPA of 3.5 (on 4.0 scale)
    3. Criteria for additional scholarships to be amended as funds increase
    4. Any individual on the Executive Board applying for scholarship funding  must recuse self from deliberations regarding scholarships.
  2. Application
    1. Submit an application accompanied by a written statement of personal and professional goals in nursing
    2. Attachments
      1. Transcript of graduate work completed (may be unofficial transcript)
      2. Letters of recommendation from one faculty member and one professional associate
      3. Vitae
    3. Membership in Pi Phi chapter and Sigma Theta Tau International is required
    4. Competitive basis for fund allocation
      1. Academic achievement
      2. Quality of written goals
      3. Contribution or potential contribution to nursing and public benefit

Scholarship Allocation

The amount of a scholarship will be determined by the amount of funds available. Individuals are eligible for only one academic scholarship. A minimum of $250 must be maintained in the scholarship fund. A maximum of $1000 would be distributed to any one individual (pending availability of monies in fund).

Scholarship Committee

The Scholarship Committee consists of three chapter members. It is recommended that one member hold an earned doctorate if graduate students are considered. One chapter officer should be designated as ex-officio, ordinarily the Treasurer.


  1. Publicizing availability of scholarship will be done through the Pi Phi website and through local graduate program.
  2. Publicizing of criteria for awarding scholarships and the selection process will be done on the Pi Phi website
  3. Scholarship recipients will be announced at chapter events and on the chapter website.

Scholarship Application Deadlines

The scholarship will be awarded annually in the fall semester with distribution of funds in the spring semester. Application deadline will be two weeks before the fall business meeting (date to be announced annually). Deadlines for any additional scholarships will be amended to this document as established.

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