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The Online Best Teaching Practices course is a 2 week, completely online, training course that is offered three times per year (August, December, April). This course is designed for instructors who are new to teaching online or in a blended format, and are planning to teach this type of course in the future. This course will introduce instructors to effective strategies for teaching online and how to effectively use the technology available in our Moodle course management system.
Instructors taking this course will: 1) learn to effectively use the basic aspects of Moodle technology (discussion board, grade book, announcements, email) needed to teach a course online and 2) apply knowledge of best online teaching practices to create an online course syllabus, learning outcomes, and course activities and assignments. The goal of this course is to provide and teach all of the instructional and technology tools instructors will need to successfully teach an online or hybrid course through: short (15 minute) voice-narrated power point lectures, short assignments on the week’s topics that will be shared with classmates for feedback on the discussion board, and a variety of additional in-depth resources and references.
All instructors who are new to teaching online or blended classes should complete this course.  There is no fee for taking this short training course, and there is no opportunity for obtaining course credit.  This course will be taught in an entirely online format – there are no face-to-face meetings required.

This training opportunity will be announced via email to all instructors approximately one month before the course offered. Please feel free to email the course instructor, Jennifer Sadowski ( at any time to reserve a spot in the next course offering. 

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Moodle questions:
Online course evaluations, online course template, or the online training course: Jennifer Sadowski at
Online course approval form or faculty application for online teaching: to your respective Dean or the VPAA.

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