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Submissions for Undergraduate Students

The Viterbo Research Collection accepts scholarship projects from the Seven Rivers Undergraduate Research Symposium, Scholars' Day, and other select works by invitation.  Students interested in depositing their work outside of these events should contact their research advisor for additional information.

Text-based documents should be submitted in a .pdf format.  Multimedia must be submitted in the following formats:

Print .pdf 
Audio  .mp3 
Video  .mpeg 
Images  .pdf, .jpg, or .tiff



To submit your research to the Viterbo Research Collection, go to our online submission form.

  • Enter as much information into the form as possible.
  • The Summary of Work field is for your abstract, i.e. a concise summary of the project.
  • After you are finished entering information, attach your document.  If you document is larger than 5 MB, contact Jason Skoog.
  • If you have supporting data or files you want to link to your work, you will need to fill out a separate submission form for each additional item.
  • By submitting your work, you indicate you have read and agreed to the usage rights and policies of the collection as stated on the copyright page.

Questions?  Contact Jason Skoog at jaskoog@viterbo.edu or 608-796-3262.

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