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Submissions for Graduate Students

The Viterbo Research Collection accepts complete, final and accepted culminating scholarship projects from students in Viterbo University graduate programs.  Projects must include a completed signature page in order to be accepted into the collection.  There is a manual which provides information regarding deposit policies, style guides and submission standards.  This manual can be found here: Protocol for Graduate Culminating Scholarship Submissions.

The submissions process:

  • After the student passes the committee review of their final work, the signature form is executed and collected by the program.
  • The program submits a copy of the signature page, relevant IRB assurance forms and the final work of scholarship, in word format (PDF will also be accepted), to the library archives via email.  The library will provide technical assistance as necessary and may ask for more details to complete the required metadata for submission.
  • The library will post electronic copies of the research and corresponding metadata to the online Viterbo Research Collection.


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