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Parent/Guardian Access to Parent Portal

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Parent/Guardian Access to Parent Portal

In order to be able to access your students's records the student must first grant you access.  After that process is complete you can look at their information by following the directions below.

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VitNet parent portal email notification1) After your student has granted you access you will receive an email notification. This notification contains a direct link to VitNet Login and your username and password.  (NOTE: If you are a Viterbo University Employee or Student you can use your existing login and password to access Parent Portal.)

 2) Login to Vitnet. (You may be asked to change your initial password if this is the first time you've accessed the system. The new password must contain letters and numbers and be from 6-9 characters in length)

3) Click Students button to access the Student Menu.

 VitNet Parent Portal Access to Students Info4) Click "Access to Students Info" link. 

 Vitnet Parent Portal Pick Student5) Choose the information you'd like to view for the appropriate Student.  

Depending on the access the student has granted, you will be able to view:

  • Grades
  • GPA by Term
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Degree Audit (Program Evaluation)
  • Student Schedule
  • Student Profile
  • Account Summary
  • 1098T
  • Make a Payment
  • Financial Aid by Year
  • Financial Aid by Term
  • Financial Aid Award Letter.

How Do I Give Someone Access to my VitNet Bill or Academic information?

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How Do I Give Someone Access to my VitNet Bill or Academic information?

Viterbo is excited to offer access to a tool, Parent Portal, which allows a student to grant access to their academic (grades and degree audit) and/or financial information (tuition bill, payment, and financial aid information) to parents, guardians or other responsible party.

VITERBO STUDENT: Grant Access by Logging into Vitnet and following the directions below. (click images for a larger view)

vitnet student menu 1) Most Students will have parents/guardians set-up in VitNet and can start by Choosing "Manage Parent Access"

vitnet ferpa consent 2) By granting access you are authorizing the named persons to receive academic or financial information, dependent on the access granted, via the parent portal or any other means of communication.

vitnet parent portal acces 3) Students can grant Access to Academic Information, Financial Information or both by selecting the appropriate item in the drop down list. (or neither, by leaving the drop down blank)  The student can Ungrant access or change access at any time by changing the drop down menu choices and unchecking the Grant check box.

Academic information is: Grades, GPA by Term, Unofficial Transcript, Degree Audit (Program Evaluation), Student Schedule & Student Profile.

Financial Information is: Account Summary, 1098T, Make a Payment, Financial Aid by Year, Financial Aid by Term, & Financial Aid Award Letter.

vitnet parent portal add 4) If a parent/guardian doesn't exist on the Manage Parent Access Screen, the Student Can "Add a Parent/Guardian" from the main Student Menu. The Student will then enter  information for all fields.  

The registrar must review all Add Parent/Guardian Requests, Students will recieve an email when the review is completed.  The student will then need to Log back into Vitnet and Grant Access (Step 1)

How does my Parent/Guardian Access the information?

How do I access my Viterbo University VitNet Account?

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How do I access my Viterbo University VitNet Account?

You will use your Viterbo VitNet account to perform a variety of tasks related to your work at Viterbo University. Pay Stubs, Vacation/Sick Time, Tax Information, and department budget info (if allowed access).
Students use their VitNet account to check final grades at the end of each semester, and to enroll in classes before each semester. They also can check on financial aid status, produce a transcript, or check their class schedule for the current semester.

Logging into your VitNet Account
To access your VitNet account, navigate to the Viterbo University homepage, click on the “my VU” button, and then click on the VitNet icon, as illustrated on the first page of this document. Direct Link:
Once you have successfully logged into VitNet, you will encounter a window similar to the one shown below. Use the red “Employees” button to gain access to your VitNet options.

Vitnet access - Vitnet menu

For detailed instruction guides on VitNet usage:

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