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HelpDesk FAQ


Connecting to Microsoft Lync through a Browser

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You may be invited to a Microsoft Lync meeting.  If you have the Microsoft Lync client you can simply click on the link provided and your Lync client will open.  However, if you don't have an Offce 365 account you might need to use a web browser to join as a guest. 

These are guidelines for entering a Microsoft Lync meeting using a web browser.  All browsers are different so the steps may not be exact.

1) Click on the Lync meeting link.Join Lync Meeting

2) Sign in as a guest by typing your name in the box provide.  Leave the Install Lync Web-app plugin checked

.Lync through the browser

3) Your browser may indicate that it has blocked a pop-up.  You should allow popup for this session.      Blocked pop-up - Chrome browser 

4) Your browser may ask if you would like to run the webapp plugin.  You should run the plugin or double click it to start an install.

Run Lync Webapp plugin       Install Lync WebApp Plugin

5) Your computer may ask if it is ok for the Web-app plugin to have access to your audio for the meeting.  Allow is the appropriate answer.

Allow Lync WebApp

Office 365 - Sync a Shared Document Library to your Computer

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Office 365 - Sync a Shared Document Library to your Computer

Office 365 allows us to create "Team Sites" for Shared document areas.  You can access these sites by logging into the outlook.office365.com with your full email address and password and click on Sites.  Any "Team" you have access to should be listed with a link that will get you to the document area.  However, you may also want to sync this Team Site Library with your computer to allow for offline access or ease in saving while working with desktop applications.  

The link below is provided by Microsoft.com.

Sync a SharePoint site library to your computer

Office 365 - Sync your OneDrive for Business library to your Computer

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Office 365 - Sync your OneDrive for Business library to your Computer

If you are using OneDrive for storage of files you can access them through the web by logging into outlook.office365.com with your full email address and email password and clicking on OneDrive.  However, you may wish to have the full library synced to a folder on your computer to allow for offline access.  The link below provided is from Microsoft.com..

Sync your OneDrive for Business library to your Computer

Restoring files or viewing previous versions of files on Office 365 OneDrive

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If you should accidentally delete files or wish to view or restore a previous version of a file stored on the Office365 Onedrive use the directions provided by Microsoft in the following links.  

Please note that you typically have 30 days worth of items in the office 365 recycle bin.  However, if you are close to your OneDrive quota, files in the Recycle bin will be purged oldest first within 3 days.

Additionally, in order to be able to restore a previous version of the file you'll need to have enabled versioning on your document library previously.

Enabling Document Versioning

Restore a Previous Version of a file

Restore files or Empty Recycle Bin

Introduction to Ensemble

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To Login to Ensemble visit http://ensemble.viterbo.edu from your browser.

Ensemble Login Screen

Log into the system with your Viterbo university username & password.

Your default video library will typically be your "personal" storage location.  To view other video libraries to which you have access use the drop list to select the appropriate area.Ensemble Video Library

Ensemble Video LibraryVideo's can be preview/played for this location.  You can also view the embed tag that could be used to embed the video or playlist in Moodle or another site.

Burn a CD/DVD with Windows Media Center

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This link takes you to an external site manageed by Microsfot.com.

Burn a DVD video Disk using Windows DVD Maker

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his link takes you to an external site managed by Microsoft

Site Name