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Is Office 365 having a service interruption?

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Is Office 365 having a service interruption?

What are the email server settings for my phone or email client?

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What are the email server settings for my phone or email client?

Most phones you will need to choose “Exchange Active Sync” or“Corporate Sync” to get the correct path to set up Viterbo email. IMAP and POP3 will not work.

If adding from on-campus, be sure to connect to the VITERBO-STUDENT Wireless Network first, open a browser and log in on your phone (same as with a laptop). This will speed up the connection when adding an account, and in some cases won’t work until you do this step.

Iphone, Windows, Andriod, Droid, HTC, and Samsung

Server: mail.exchange.viterbo.edu



Choose “work” for account type.

“Outlook Web URL” is also sometimes listed as type.

Server: https://mail.exchange.viterbo.edu/owa


How do I keep my mailbox clean?

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Best Practices - Keeping your Mailbox Clean

It is a good practice to clean out your e-mail folders occasionally. This reduces the overhead on both your PC and the E-Mail system and may speed up the process of accessing your e-mail by limiting the number of items that need to be loaded when you access your account. Since each item takes up space in your mailbox, removing some will also free up more space for new messages.
The following Outlook E-mail folders need to be managed on a regular basis so that they do not collect mail messages indefinitely:

  • Inbox - (New messages collect here over time)
  • Sent Items - (Copies of sent messages will collect here indefinitely if not deleted)
  • Junk E-mail - (Outlook may move junk messages here which should occasionally be deleted)
  • Calendar - (Items older than six months can be automatically removed by running "auto-archive" occasionally)
  • Deleted Items - (Any message deleted from other folders will be moved and stored here until you empty this folder)

Managing email - folder list

Messages in your Inbox, Sent Items and other folders can be deleted when they are no longer needed or when there are too many to keep track of.
Merely click the unwanted messages to select them and click the "Delete" button denoted with an ‘X’.

Managing email - Delete button
This will move your messages into the "Deleted Items" folder to give you a chance to be sure before removing them for good. You can then empty the "Deleted Items" folder by choosing "Empty Deleted Items Folder" on the "Tools" menu or by right-clicking on the "Deleted Items" folder itself and choosing "Empty Deleted Items Folder" on the menu that appears.
Your "Junk E-mail" folder can be emptied occasionally by right-clicking on it and choosing "Empty Junk E-Mail Folder" from the menu that appears.
Junk E-mail items will not be moved to the "Deleted Items" folder. They will be deleted instantly.

Removing Multiple Messages Quickly
For folders that do not have an automatic “Empty” option like the “Deleted Items” and “Junk E-Mail” folders it may be cumbersome to try to delete messages one at a time. It may sometimes be necessary to remove large amounts of messages to clear up space in your account.
This can be done very quickly by using the shift-click technique in which you click the first message to be removed and then hold down your “shift” key while clicking a message further down in the list. This will select all of the messages between the top message and the bottom message. The whole group can then be deleted as one batch.
Remember, your computer and the e-mail server have to process each message you delete so it is usually good to limit the number of items you delete at one time to a few hundred so that you don’t tax your computer. If you try to delete several thousand messages at one time your computer may seem to slow down while the items are being processed and may become unresponsive.
You can see the number of mail messages a folder contains by clicking the folder in your “Folder List” and then looking in the lower left corner of the program window.

managing email - number of items
If a folder contains 1000 messages and you want to remove them all, but would like to do it in smaller groups to avoid bogging down your PC, you could click the first message, then scroll half way down the list and shift-click a message to select approximately 500 messages. You could then delete the 500 selected messages. The remaining 500 messages could be removed by clicking the top message, shift-clicking the bottom message and clicking the “Delete” button.
Remember to empty the “Deleted Items” folder when you are sure it is safe to permanently delete the messages.

Removing Messages by Date
It may be advisable to first sort messages by date (They are generally in this order to begin with.) and then try to delete all messages older than a certain date using the shift-click technique.
It may be good to only keep the last several months worth of messages. Since a date and time are listed on each message, you can sort them by date to easily remove old messages. If your message list is not already in chronological order, you can click the column header labeled “Received” to sort them. Clicking several times will put them in reverse order.
Once messages are sorted by date, it is easy to use shift-click to select messages of a specific age to be deleted as a batch.
Again, be sure to empty the “Deleted Items” folder to permanently remove deleted messages.

Adding Viterbo email to Outlook 2007/2010 for PC, and Outlook 2011 for Mac.

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Adding Viterbo email to Outlook 2007/2010 for PC, and Outlook 2011 for Mac.

To configure Outlook for Viterbo E-mail on your Home PC

  1. Open your Control Panel
  2. Double-click the Mail icon to open it
  3. Click on the E-Mail Accounts… button

Configuring Outlook Mail Setup

4. Click on New… to setup a new account

5. Enter mail.exchange.viterbo.edu in the Microsoft Exchange server box
Enter your own username in the User Name box

configuring outlook Change email account

NOTE: If at any time during this process you are asked to log into your e-mail account, be sure to put exchange0\ before your username as domain is required (don’t forget the zero character and ‘\’after exchange).
For example: exchange0\username followed by your password as shown below

Configuring outlook Connect to mail.exchange.viterbo.edu
You may be asked to login several times as a connection is made – it may be slow as it syncs up at first

6. Click the More Settings… button after entering your username

7. Under the Connection tab, put a check mark in the Connect to Microsoft Exchange using HTTP box
8. Click on the Exchange Proxy Settings… button

configuring Outlook Microsoft Exchange More settings
9. Enter mail.exchange.viterbo.edu once again as shown below. Check the other settings.

configuring outlook Proxy Settings
Give it a few minutes to download and sync up with all of your mailbox items.

I received an e-mail from a friend that looks like it's a virus! What do I do?

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I received an e-mail from a friend that looks like it's a virus! What do I do?

You receive an e-mail from a trusted friend and colleague. It contains information, or has attached a file, for which your friend has asked your advice. You double click the file, or follow the advice. Boom! You've just been infected with a virus. Did your friend do this intentionally? No! In fact, your friend had no idea you received this email! Most likely, your friend isn’t even the one who SENT the e-mail in the first place.
This is typical of the most recent epidemic of virus programs.

How do they work?
Basically, they come attached to an email (or as text), they ask you to do something like erase a file or click a link, or you open the attached file, and they go to work on your system. They write to your system registry (the program that tells your operating system where all of your settings can be found), attach themselves to your address book and then send themselves out as a new email without your knowledge. When the virus sends itself to others in your address book, it “masks” who the e-mail originated from with someone else’s e-mail address from your address book… So even though the e-mail originated from your computer…. It“looks” as if it came from someone else… This is nearly impossible to track down. We can only hope the person who has the virus finds out, and takes care of it. The best thing for you to do if you receive an e-mail like this from an unknown person, is to forward it on to emailreview@viterbo.edu. If you do know the person the e-mail appears to be from, ERASE it. If you do open the e-mail attachment, and a virus warning appears, the most important thing to look for is that the notice says “Quarantine Succeeded”.. Your Norton Anti-Virus succeeded in catching the virus. To prevent infection, it is extremely important that you have anti-virus software on your computer and keep it updated regularly (minimum once a month). When your subscription runs out for free updates, renew it - it will be worth the price!!!

  • Norton Anti-VirusOne of the most popular anti-virus programs is Norton AntiVirus made by Symantec. Norton AntiVirus has a "Live Update" feature built into the software allowing the user to automatically update their protection by simply choosing Live Update from within Norton Anti Virus. For specific instructions on how to use Live Update, visit Symantec's stepby- step tutorial
  • McAfee VirusScanMcAfee has an "Online Update" version of their software which you can subscribe to for a small annual fee, in addition to their "boxed" software. To update the boxed software, visit McAfee's site for instructions on how to unzip and install the updates.
  • Where to Buy Anti-Virus Software?If you don't already have antivirus software loaded on your computer you should purchase one to ensure the system will not be infected. The two best known anti-virus products on the market are McAfee VirusScan which also has an Online Version and Norton AntiVirus. These should both also be available at your nearest computer software retailer (such as Best Buy or Office Depot).
  • Think you're infected?If you think you're infected, you can visit one of the sites listed above for information about the virus you think you may have (this is also a good idea to do when you receive one of those common hysterical e-mail spams warning you that life as we know it will soon be over because of the latest virus hoax.) Three good places to go for virus information are the Symantec Antivirus Research Center, Hoaxbusters at the U.S. Department of Energy's Computer Incident and Advisory Committee's web site, and McAfee's Antivirus pages.

Additional Help

Free Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware - Microsoft Security Essentials.
For Spyware only: www.malewarebytes.org or www.spybot.info
For Computer Cleanup: www.ccleaner.com
For Speeding up PC: Auslogics Defrag - http://www.auslogics.com/en/software/disk-defrag/
Still have a virus? Check out the Norton Anti-Virus FIX page to download removal tools…Download Removal Tool

Help Desk does offer limited hardware/software laptop repair free of charge - Stop by with your laptop, power-cord, and any recovery CDs you may have.

If you have a current active Warranty on your laptop, then the 1st route is to contact the manufacturer for any repair work.

If you still have questions, don’t HESITATE to cal the Help Desk. 796-3870.

How do I access my Viterbo University Email account?

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How do I access my Viterbo University Email account?

Viterbo University provides a Web Outlook Client for all users.
To access your email account, navigate to the Viterbo University homepage and click on the “my VU” button. From the “My VU” age, click on the envelope icon as illustrated on the first page of this document, and then follow the instructions to log into your email account. Direct Link: http://www.viterbo.edu/email
If you log into our email system using Microsoft Internet Explorer you will encounter a website similar to the one shown below:

Outlook Webclient
You may use this website to check for new mail, to reply to and forward existing messages, or to start new messages. Near the pper right corner of the screen you will see a button labeled, “Options”. You may use this button to change your email signature, enable junk mail filtering, or to change your Viterbo password.

Faculty and Staff will also be able to use the Outlook Desktop Client on their University provided computer.

Backup your Email to a PST file using Outlook 2010

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If you'd like a video tutorial of this process please see the video below.

1) Within Outlook 2010, Click File

2) Click Options, Click Advanced, Click the Export Button next to " Export Outlook information to a file for us in other programs"

3) From the Import and Export Wizard listing Choose to "Export to a File" and click Next.

4) From the Export to a File Window Choose the file type "Outlook Data File (pst)", Click Next.

5) Choose the top most folder for export.  It should include your email address in the title. Verify that "include  all subfolders" is Checked, Click Next.

6) Choose the lcoation and name that you would liek the file to be called.  I typically save it to My Documents and give the file name the current date followed by email backup.pst (ie: 2013-11-26emailbackup.pst)

7) Choose to replace duplicates with items exported and click Finish.

8) Wait for the backup to complete.

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