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HelpDesk FAQ


Connecting to Microsoft Lync through a Browser

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You may be invited to a Microsoft Lync meeting.  If you have the Microsoft Lync client you can simply click on the link provided and your Lync client will open.  However, if you don't have an Offce 365 account you might need to use a web browser to join as a guest. 

These are guidelines for entering a Microsoft Lync meeting using a web browser.  All browsers are different so the steps may not be exact.

1) Click on the Lync meeting link.Join Lync Meeting

2) Sign in as a guest by typing your name in the box provide.  Leave the Install Lync Web-app plugin checked

.Lync through the browser

3) Your browser may indicate that it has blocked a pop-up.  You should allow popup for this session.      Blocked pop-up - Chrome browser 

4) Your browser may ask if you would like to run the webapp plugin.  You should run the plugin or double click it to start an install.

Run Lync Webapp plugin       Install Lync WebApp Plugin

5) Your computer may ask if it is ok for the Web-app plugin to have access to your audio for the meeting.  Allow is the appropriate answer.

Allow Lync WebApp

Viterbo Cable TV Help Topics

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Viterbo Cable TV Help Topics

Digital TV Connection in Your Residence Hall / Apartment

Make sure your TV is plugged in to a working electric outlet. Locate the TV outlet in your room and connect one end of the coaxial cable to it and the other end to the "CATV" or "VHF IN" on your television. Do not connect to the "UHF IN" on your television.

Your digital television must have a QAM tuner (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) to work with Viterbo's cable TV service. The QAM tuner allows your TV to receive high definition cable programming without a cable set top box.

1.  Some less expensive TVs come with a low quality QAM tuner that may not be able to pick up all the digital channels. 
2.  TVs manufactured prior to 2007 will NOT have a QAM tuner.  
3.  TVs manufactured between the years 2007-2009 may not have a QAM tuner.  
4.  If purchasing a new TV, please verify the specifications with a sales representative to ensure it has a QAM tuner.  

A NTSC (National Television System Committee) tuner is not compatible. This TV will require a digital-to-analog converter box to view television signals. (see information below to purchase a converter).

An ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) tuner can receive digital signals but is not compatible with the school's cable system.

Here is an informal compatibility reference for newer devices. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. You should verify the specifications when you purchase your TV.

Coby - Model TFTV3229 32" has a compatible QAM tuner
Dynex - Only limited models have a QAM tuner
DX-32L151A11 is NOT compatible
Element - NOT compatible
Insignia - Only limited models have a QAM tuner      
LG - Most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner

Olevia - Model 226-T11 has a compatible QAM tuner

Samsung - All models since 2009 have a QAM tuner       
Sansui - Model HDLCD3212C has a compatible QAM tuner

Seiki – NOT compatible

Sony - Most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner      
Sylvania - Do not appear to have QAM tuners      
Toshiba - Most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner      
Vizio - Model VOJ320F1A has a compatible QAM tuner

Westinghouse - Some models do have a QAM tuner. Try activation code 14159

     DWM32H1G1 is NOT compatible

     DWM42F2G1 is NOT compatible

How do I program my digital TV to receive all the University channels?

If you have a digital TV not connected to a cable receiver, it is important to do a channel scan on your TV to ensure you are viewing all the available analog and digital channels. Exact details on how to auto program or auto tune digital TVs vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and from model to model.  These instructions are generalizations that are meant to describe the way most TVs accomplish this feature.  For best results, refer to the owner’s manual for the specific TV you are working with. Most TVs will take between 10-20 minutes to complete this function.

Using the TVs remote control, follow these general steps:

Step 1:  Press the “Power” button to turn on the TV    
Step 2:  Press the “Menu” Button   
Step 3:  Select “Set-Up”    
Step 4:  Select “Antenna” then “Cable”   
Step 5:  Select “Auto Program/Auto Tune/Channel scan” then “OK”

How to address common reception issues?

No picture on one or all channels, no color, buzzing sounds, dark or rolling pictures, stations on wrong channel, vertical bars, snowy pictures, etc. Typically these types of problems can be a result of a system wide issue, in room cabling issue or the television and/or connected devices to the television. First, check to see if a neighbor in another room is experiencing the same problem. If not, if possible, try to connect your television to another outlet where another television is not experiencing a problem. If a neighbor is experiencing the same problem or the problem is associated with your outlet, please call helpdesk support as per the procedures for your school. Second, disconnect any other devices attached to your television, such as digital receivers, DVD player, Xboxes, etc. so that the coaxial cable is connected directly from the television to the outlet. If this addresses the problem, then reconnect the devices to isolate out the device creating the problem. If you have an external Blu-Ray player or game consul, make sure the accessory consul and the television are both set to the same channel (3 or 4). Last, adjust the fine-tuning settings on your television. Check your television’s user guide for more information. Dark picture? Slowly adjust your TV's brightness and/or contrast control Rolling picture? Slowly adjust your TV's vertical hold. Picture leans to side? Try adjusting the "horizontal hold" on your TV. Can't tune in desired channel? Determine if you are able to tune the channel using the tuning buttons on the digital receiver or Blu-Ray player. If so, the problem is likely your remote control. Make sure the channel is not restricted by the parental control feature or has not been subscribed to for billing purposes.

How do I make my analog TV work on the school’s digital cable system? 

If you have an older analog television and your school cable system is digital, your television cannot receive the signal without use of a digital-to-analog converter box. 

IIT has tested and recommends a Channel Master CM-7001 – Digital HDTV ATSC/Clear QUAM Antenna Tuner

The Channel Master CM-7001 is on Amazon for $129.99.

Residence Life does have (10) Channel Master boxes for check-out on a 1st come, 1st serve basis!  

Your high definition (HD) channels will be scaled down and will not be in a true HD format but will be view-able.

There are cheaper set top box converters that are 99% compatible (occasionally has closed caption or EAS freeze).

If you are missing or in need of a Coaxial TV Cable, Residence Life has 6FT Cables for check-out.  

Office 365 - Sync a Shared Document Library to your Computer

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Office 365 - Sync a Shared Document Library to your Computer

Office 365 allows us to create "Team Sites" for Shared document areas.  You can access these sites by logging into the with your full email address and password and click on Sites.  Any "Team" you have access to should be listed with a link that will get you to the document area.  However, you may also want to sync this Team Site Library with your computer to allow for offline access or ease in saving while working with desktop applications.  

The link below is provided by

Sync a SharePoint site library to your computer

Office 365 - Sync your OneDrive for Business library to your Computer

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Office 365 - Sync your OneDrive for Business library to your Computer

If you are using OneDrive for storage of files you can access them through the web by logging into with your full email address and email password and clicking on OneDrive.  However, you may wish to have the full library synced to a folder on your computer to allow for offline access.  The link below provided is from

Sync your OneDrive for Business library to your Computer

Mapping a Network Drive (PC only)

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Mapping a Network Drive (PC only)

You may have a storage location on the Viterbo Network Server called FileServ.  Typically these are Departmental storage locations and can only be accessed when logged into a University owned computer on the Viterbo main campus.

If you have such a locations you should map a network drive on your office computer for ease of access every timed you log in.

1) Double click on My Computer

2) Right Click on the This PC icon and choose Map a Network Drive from the drop down menu.

3) Choose a Letter for your network drive.

4) In the Folder or Location box type \\servername\sharename  (IIT should have provided you the servername and sharename)

5) Choose to reconnect at sign-in check box.  (Only select the box if this is your office PC)

Restoring files or viewing previous versions of files on Office 365 OneDrive

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If you should accidentally delete files or wish to view or restore a previous version of a file stored on the Office365 Onedrive use the directions provided by Microsoft in the following links.  

Please note that you typically have 30 days worth of items in the office 365 recycle bin.  However, if you are close to your OneDrive quota, files in the Recycle bin will be purged oldest first within 3 days.

Additionally, in order to be able to restore a previous version of the file you'll need to have enabled versioning on your document library previously.

Enabling Document Versioning

Restore a Previous Version of a file

Restore files or Empty Recycle Bin

Introduction to Ensemble

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To Login to Ensemble visit from your browser.

Ensemble Login Screen

Log into the system with your Viterbo university username & password.

Your default video library will typically be your "personal" storage location.  To view other video libraries to which you have access use the drop list to select the appropriate area.Ensemble Video Library

Ensemble Video LibraryVideo's can be preview/played for this location.  You can also view the embed tag that could be used to embed the video or playlist in Moodle or another site.