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As a senior student, the following guide will help you explore different ways to make the most of your time at Viterbo:

  • If planning on continuing your education, start graduate school applications early in the fall semester.
  • Spend some time identifying the knowledge, skills, unique qualities, and experiences you bring to job search.  Think about how you want to market yourself.
  • If you haven't completed an undergraduate internship, you need to explore that possibility now.  Contact Career Services to make an appointment with the Community Engagement Coordinator.
  • Target your marketing plan and job search.  Know the type of position, organization, and community you are seeking.
  • Enroll in Job Search Strategies (UNST 410), a course to fine tune your job search materials, activities and plan.
  • Attend job search workshops and events sponsored by Career Services.
  • Create opportunities to network with people in your field and people who hire people like yourself.  Participate in networking events on campus.
  • Utilize Optimal Resume and Interview Prep software to develop your resume and practice interviewing skills.
  • Schedule an appointment with Career Services staff to discuss your  job search, networking strategy, graduate school applications, and interviewing techniques.
  • Be sure you review behavioral interviews strategies before attending your first professional interviews.  Prepare your stories in advance.
  • Fine tune your LinkedIn account.
  • Develop a six-month job search plan.
  • Update your profile on VHawk job talk and attach your updated employer-ready resume.
  • Explore other online job banks to determine quality sources of job leads in your field.
  • Ask faculty members, former supervisors, and others to serve as professional references.
  • Consider applying for an alumni mentor to assist you with job search issues.
  • Submit and follow through with employment applications.  Start well before graduation.
  • Network. Network.  Then network some more. 
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