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Transfer Student Admissions

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Transfer Scholarships

Transfer Academic Scholarship

Scholarships are based on a students cumulative college GPA. See the chart below.

Cumulative College GPA On-Campus Off-Campus 
3.50–4.00$7,000 $6,000 
3.00–3.49 $6,000 $5,000 
2.50–2.99 $5,000 $4,000 
2.25–2.49 $4,000 $3,000 
  • If a student has previously earned less than 12 college credits, contact the undergraduate admission office.
  • The academic scholarship is renewable up to four years provided the student maintains satisfactory academic progress (minimum 2.00 GPA).
  • Recipients will have award reduced by $1,000 if they reside off campus.
  • School of Adult Learning programs are excluded from this scholarship.

To receive a formal scholarship award letter detailing your scholarship, fill out the online form.

Additional Scholarships

Complete list of university scholarships

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