Text Box: Did you know?
Text Box: The U.S. Dept of Labor projects five out of the top 12 occupations expected to grow the fastest between 2004 and 2014 are computer related (U.S. Dept of Labor, 2007). The Dahl School of Business offers a Computer Information Systems degree.  For more info, please check http://www.viterbo.edu/cis.aspx?id=36520
Text Box: Earn Both Your Undergraduate and MBA Degrees in Just Five Years
Designed for achievement oriented and highly motivated students, the Bachelor of Business Administration to Masters of Business Administration major will allow students to earn their undergraduate and MBA degrees in five years. Students in their fourth year of this unique program can eliminate one full year that is normally required to complete both degrees by taking graduate courses during their senior year. The curriculum emphasizes the principles of ethics, corporate social responsibility, and sustainability. For details, visit http://www.viterbo.edu/mba.aspx?id=43606.
Sport Management and Leadership BBA
Through coursework, field experience, research, and scholarly activities, our Sport Management & Leadership program prepares students for leadership roles in the sport and leisure industries; leaders who not only have excellent content knowledge in the areas of sport and business, but ethical leaders who practice corporate social responsibility and sustainability for the common good of the organizations they work in and the communities they live in. For details, visit http://www.viterbo.edu/spml.aspx?id=43406.
Communication Studies: Organizational Communication BS
Designed for students interested in internal or external communication processes in an organizational setting, this major offers opportunities for motivated students in either the human resource or public relations field. Organizational communication majors focus on how people in organizations construct and interpret messages to inform, influence, and relate to others within and across a variety of contexts and cultures. For details, visit http://www.viterbo.edu/sls.aspx?id=45860.

March 2009

Volume 1, issue 2

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New programs in the dahl school of business

This is a very exciting time for the Dahl School of Business.  As noted throughout the pages below, the DSOB is introducing three new academic programs:  a 4+1 BBA to MBA program, a Sport Management and Leadership major, and an Organizational Communication major.   When other colleges and universities are talking about cutting programs and positions, we recognize the time is right to invest in new opportunities for the students and employers of our region.  These new programs emerge from areas of strength and are a direct response to student interest and the needs of our community.  This has been the Viterbo way, from the time the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration began preparing teachers for the schools in this region in the late 1800s to the introduction in 2003 of our MBA program focused on Ethical Leadership. 

The DSOB’s mission includes preparing students to make a difference as ethical and effective leaders in organizations and society and you’ll find mission at the foundation of each of these new programs.  Feel free to contact me, Tom Knothe, any-time with questions or comments. I can be reached at teknothe@viterbo.edu or 608.796.3376.

Message from the dean, tom knothe

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Mission: the dahl school of business  values every student and prepares each one to make a difference as an ethical and effective leader in organizations and society.